How-To Videos

Please see a list of how-to videos to help with minor maintenance.

*Please note that these videos are for basic education purposes only and should not be taken as advice or instruction. Please do your own research to properly handle maintenance items in your home. Please refer to your lease for tenant responsibility. By continuing to watch any of these videos you agree not to hold Home Key Property Management liable for any injury or damage caused. Home Key Property Management is not affiliated with and does not endorse any of these you tube video owners or it's content.

How to fix/replace a toilet flush handle/flush lever

How to replace a toilet chain

How to change a toilet flapper

How to turn off water valve to sink

Bathroom sink stopper

How to replace a toilet seat

How to trouble shoot a garbage disposal

How to turn off main water valve

How to reset a GFCI outlet

How to reset a tripped breaker

How to change a lightbulb

How to fix an ice maker

How to change an air filter

How to change an air filter at the furnace

How to change batteries in a smoke alarm

How to hook up a washer & dryer

How to match paint color

How to repair a hole in the wall

Why you should change your fridge filter

How to clean a grease filter

How to change a fridge filter

House cleaning tips

Deep cleaning tips

Cleaning a home with pets

Don't pour grease down the drain

Cleaning a ceiling fan

21 cleaning hacks

How to clean everything in a bathroom

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